Biz Loan is a well designed system for Credit Loan approval which covers from the beginning when the customers request for the loan approval, to the customers’ Collateral and guarantors’ information registration and Credit Risk Analysis until the final process of issuing legal contract and payment. The system has Credit Analysis Tools such as Financial Model, Policy Control and Credit Scoring Module. LOS (Loan Origination System) shows the analysis information to fasten the Credit Approval process.


Biz Loan was designed to solve the current manual system which is very complicated and loose control. Each application will be monitored from the first entered date until disbursement, and also interface to loan processing system.

The system helps to identify Strategic Risk and Compliance Risk with our Policy and Compliance Checking Function. It also provides Credit Risk Scoring template to measure customer risk. The operational risk will be controlled by the Standardized process.

Why Biz Loan?

  • Increase Productivity
  • Minimize operation cost
  • NCB Online Realtime
  • Multidimensional Collateral and Product
  • Business Oriented and Localization
  • Dollar Saving
  • Credit Type Cover Personal Loan, Housing Loan and Overdraft


  • Marketing Module
  • Appointment Module
  • Agreement Module
  • Disbursement Module
  • Collateral Module
  • Credit Scoring Module
  • Interface Module
  • System Security

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