Bonanza Selling Agent

Bonanza Selling Agent is the system supporting Fund Houses as selling Agents. The system provides all the functionalities of Selling Agent such as opening customer accounts, keeping customer profiles, enquiry and search function which allows the user to easily search by categories such as customer name, last name, Unit Holder or Marketing officer.

Moreover, the system supports order transaction functions such as Subscription, Redemption, Switch In – Switch Out and process earning for Unit Holder. The users can simulate Unrealized Gain/Loss of Unit Holding. The system creates order by FIFO (First In –First Out) and provides calculation of many types of Broker fees such as Front – End Fee, Back – End Fee, Trail and Balance Fee. The transactions can be searched or printed out, exported to or imported from text file format.


Along with the Fund Internet Trading (FIT) system, investors who are clients of the fund selling agent will be able to make investment transactions online via a web browser.

Why Bonanza Selling Agent?

  • Do More with Less /Save Time & Reduce Cost
  • Interface with other systems / Flexible system
  • Database Management
  • More User Friendly
  • Reports / Flexible Import Text file




Master File


  • Investor profile can be separated into 2 groups : Individual and corporate
  • Investor can have unlimited Unit Holder Number
  • OMNIBUS Account can be activate to hide some investor’s information

Mutual Fund

  • Support Multiple Fund Houses
  • Keep record of Mutual Fund information
  • Keep Daily NAV
  • Able to set initial calculation of Commission Fees varied by Funds

Marketing Officer

The system keeps Marketing Officer profile and allows to set user privileges by Marketing Types:

  • Investment Planner
  • Fundamental Guide

Commission Fees Selling

  • Front-end Fee
  • Back-end Fee
  • Trail Fee or Balance Fee
  • Switching Fee

Calculation Methods

  • Progressive rate
  • Trail Fee
  • Several Commission fee types in each fund
  • Able to set period of commission fee


  • Allow to check Portfolios of Investor and Unit Amount
  • Allow to authorize order transactions list to enable the next working process


  • Subscription Order
  • Support Redemption order with both Unit Amount and Investment Amount
  • Support Switching Order within the same fund house or switching with other fund houses
  • Transfer Order
  • Verify order transaction and Display message warning
  • Support different payment types

Enquiry & Report

  • Customer transaction
  • Order Maintenance
  • Order transactions
  • Portfolio of Unit Holders
  • Unrealized Gain Loss / Realized Gain Loss
  • Daily Subscription/Redemption Summary Report
  • Summary Transaction
  • Commission Report
  • Retaining Fee Calculation
  • Portfolio Outstanding
  • Earning Report
  • Unit Holders Report
  • Daily Cheque payment
  • Customer Profile

Transaction Back Date

Support back dated order transactions by specifying date to order Subscription/Redemption Summary Report

Interface with other systems

Matching Transaction

Automatically update order transactions by importing data into the system.

Security & Audit Log

  • Set user privileges as their functions in each screen
  • Set task groups and assign user permission
  • Enquiry search for specifying user group
  • Dual control system

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