Bonanza One Statement Service

Mobile Application for customers who use services through private funds

  • Serves as a personal electronic report where the investor can see the overview of the investment portfolio under management from the Asset Management Company.
  • Allows investors to track their monthly investment information with the Asset Management Company easily and quickly.
  • Automate data connection with Bonanza Investment system and Selling Agent system.


Overview of Return on Investment. Classified by type of investment portfolio and asset class to access information of the investment portfolio and the total asset value of the portfolio capital.


Asset Allocation

Holding percentage in each asset class shows the information on individual assets, Market Value, and Profit/Loss.


Portfolio Performance 

The chart shows the return on investment, the total asset value and profit/loss. By selecting the returns during the period from 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, to 3Y, it can compare portfolio's performance with Benchmark.


Historical Transactions 

Securities transaction history. Show information on the date of buy-sell, trade amount, cost value and net worth from trading.


Revenue / Expenses

Show Portfolio Revenue Fees

  • Realized Gain/Loss
  • Unrealized Gain/Loss
  • Dividend
  • Other Income

Show Portfolio Expenses Fees

  • Custodian Fee
  • Management Fee
  • Other Expenses



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