Bonanza Custodian

Bonanza Custodian is a program for the administration of securities, as well as a Trustee to the depositary. The software has been developed to support the provision of services to clients such as individuals, corporations, mutual funds, provident funds, and private funds.

The system has been placed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission. It can also be linked with other agencies involved such as the Securities Depository System (TSD), Core Banking System, and BAHTNET.


The program has been designed and structured to cover the performance of important tasks such as storing data (Database), Daily Operations, and Reporting. Additionally, the application provides a system that allows for enhanced control (Compliance), monitoring, and system security to increase the performance of the Custodian.



  • Auto Calculate Bond Pricing / Amortization (Thai & Foreign Securities)
  • Auto Generate Maturity / Interest / Dividend Transactions
  • Auto Generate Margin Call Transactions
  • Mark to Market and MTM < 90 days
  • Fee and NAV Calculation
  • Portfolio Valuation & Fund Fact Sheet
  • Good Fund: Core Banking System, Bahtnet
  • Auto Shift Settlement Date
  • Settlement Report
  • Good Fund Report
  • Cash Activity / Cash Forecast Report
  • Maintain Settlement Transactions and Cheque Detail
  • Maintain Scrip Type
  • Covert Scrip Type
  • Summary Scrip Type
  • Maintain Corporate Action
  • Prematch Report
  • Interface with PTI (TSD)

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