Why do bond investors need to know and use the Indicative Credit Score (ICS) tools?

That is because ICS can analyze the strength of the bond issuers. By ICS, they will be able to compare the company rating for all companies that issue debentures thoroughly and efficiently, even if they are unrated.


Benefits of Indicative Credit Score (ICS) 

  • Investor. A tool to help investors understand the risks of debt instruments to invest or follow a company they already invested in especially for companies without credit ratings.
  • Issuer. A tool that helps to know the financial status of the company before issuing debt securities, and enables issuers to self-evaluate before entering a credit rating institution.
  • Advisor / Underwriter. A tool to search and review company ICS current or historical data.
  • Company or Business can use information from ICS tools and reports to check the company's status and consider factors for improvement reflected in the results of the financial statements.

Indicative Credit Score (ICS) is a system developed to measure credit rankings based on structural analysis. It includes financial statement analysis, financial ratio (Structural Rating Model), and statistical principles for management, along with a verification of the model's accuracy. The results reflect the company's performance as a second opinion credit rating equivalent to that of an organization or company.

System Features

  • Support for measuring ICS values ​​according to the financial statements of listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, both year-end and quarterly financial statements (Current ICS).
  • Support for collecting historical ICS values ​​of listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (Historical ICS).
  • Support for calculating forecast ICS values ​​from financial statement data as needed (Forecast ICS).
  • Support for calculating ICS values ​​for companies not listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, whereby the system can support the upload of financial statement data via an Excel file or record financial statements through the system to measure ICS values ​​from the system immediately.
  • Support the issuance of Indicative Credit Score Reports for the Current ICS of interested companies. 
  • Support the issuance of Forecast Indicative Credit Score Report for Forecast ICS data of interested companies.


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