Wealth for the Mass

WealthMagik is a Private Wealth Management online service that is specially designed to help ordinary individuals manage their investments and finances by matching specific investor profiles with mutual funds that suit them best. The system can manage asset allocation and investment planning that retail investors can do by themselves, which adapt the wealth for the masses concept.

With the private wealth management tool, users can calculate their own personal financial status by following the professional wealth management procedures with complete fund information and tracking tools.



DIY Private Wealth Online

With Private Wealth Management Tool, you can evaluate your risk tolerance, access various financial plans, know complete information about the fund, keep track of your interested fund, and so on.


WealthMagik Trading

Apply for Online Trading with WealthMagik and then buy the right fund that suits you. Investing will be much easier and safer.

WealthMagik Pro

Created to be the best investment assistant for professional investors. Feature valuable tools such as Dashboard, DCA Simulator, IOS (Investment Objective Setting) Plus, and so on.

Wealth Service

A premium service that include a variety of tools to help investors manage their portfolios through Digital Wealth Services. The application is available to download for IOS and Android devices.