Bonanza Family

A Core Set of Asset & Wealth Management Solution

Bonanza Software

Bonanza Investment

Portfolio Management

A comprehensive Investment System for portfolio management that increases management efficiency and reduces operational costs

wealth management

Bonanza Wealth Management

Wealth Management

An integrated platform designed to support high demand of customer relationship businesses and a complex portfolio management analysis


Bonanza Registrar

Fund Registrar

Software that is suitable for financial institutes working as a registrar for Mutual Fund

Selling Agent

Bonanza Selling Agent

Fund Selling Agent

The system provides all the functionalities of Selling Agent such as opening customer accounts, keeping customer profiles

Financial software

Bonanza FIT

Fund Internet Trading

Enable investors to make various investment transactions online through a web browser.


Bonanza BTS

Bond Trading System

A comprehensive bond trading system that empowers traders and investors with its robust features and functionalities.


Bonanza ALM

Asset & Liability Management

Asset and Liability Management System designed to support liquidity risk management, interest rate risk management, and scenario simulations for banks and finance companies' management


Bonanza Custodian

Custodian & Trustee Services

Software for the administration of securities, as well as a Trustee to the depositary



One Statement Service

Mobile Application for customers who use services through private funds



Credit Scoring

A system developed to measure credit rankings based on structural analysis...


Bonanza Money Market


Designed for trading transactions of wide ranges of borrowing and lending types

digital finance


DIY Wealth Management

A FREE tool for any individual to step into the investment advisory privileges as a high net worth class