Bonanza Wealth Management

Bonanza Wealth Management (BWM) is an integrated platform designed to support high demand of customer relationship businesses and a complex portfolio management analysis. The solution provides technology that helps private wealth institutions utilize their customer’s database more proficiently and more efficiently. With BWM sophisticated work system, firms will be able to enhance their services and sale capabilities throughout a comprehensive set of wealth management services such as investment strategy setting, marketing event or campaign management, a high level of portfolio management or a graphic design of a consolidated report.


BWM is capable to search customer through complex search functions and allows firms to create or edit multiple customer segmentations. With comprehensive tools of Investment Objective Setting (IOS), the system allows advisors to efficiently appraise customer risk profile by multiple dimensions and be able to provide a personalized investment strategy suitable to their customer’s risk characteristics.

BWM also supports a wide range of decision tools to strengthen advisor decision making and investment performance recommended to their customers to help advisors manage customers’ portfolios more efficiently and more systematically.

System Features

RM Wealth Management

Bonanza Wealth Management has dependable functions to support Relationship Management business such as:

  • RM Profile
  • RM Mapping
  • RM Schedule
  • RM Performance
  • RM Structure

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