Bonanza FIT

Bonanza FIT (Fund Internet Trading) is designed for investors who are clients of the fund selling agent. The system enables investors to make various investment transactions online through a web browser. The system sends the information to the Bonanza Selling Agent system so that the fund selling agent continues to collect information to the Fund House.


Bonanza FIT


  • Support for account opening. Print the application form of various Asset Management Companies.
  • Supports investment risk assessment.
  • Support to browse historical transactions which can be view according to Asset Management Company, Unitholders Number, Fund, and Transaction date range.
  • Support the enquiry of portfolio holding to see the unit balancing. The output can be displayed as graph and table.
  • Support for the purchase of investment units (Subscription)
  • Support for the transaction to sell of investment units (Redemption)
  • Support for switching transactions within the asset management (Internal Switching)
  • Supports reviewing waiting lists, processing, viewing, printing reports, or canceling transactions, etc.
  • Supports setting investment plans for buying and selling investment units.
  • Supports password change.


The system provides the following features for dealers / marketing officers:

  • View the Total Asset Value of all customers under the supervision of Marketing who are logged in. They are listed by Asset Management Companies and Fund names.
  • View asset value by customer classified by Fund, Fund Type, and Asset Management Company. Display information in a graph and table.
  • Supports opening fund accounts on behalf of clients through the system.
  • Supports the download of an account opening document (Blank Form) of each Asset Management Company.
  • Support for purchasing funds on behalf of customers through the system.
  • Supports fund sales transactions on behalf of customers through the system.
  • Supports the exchange of funds on behalf of customers through the system.


Internet Trading administrators can use the system as follows:

  • Search information:
    - List of application for opening an account
    - Buy / Sell / Switchable transactions
    - User list
  • Manage data. Send data from Bonanza FIT back to Bonanza Selling Agent (Client / Server) system and send data from Bonanza Selling Agent (Client / Server) system back to the Bonanza FIT system.
  • Set time to buy, sell, and switch (in/out) of Internet Trading.


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