Financial Management Division (MM Dealer)

Can be used in daily transaction (Dealing System) by having Electronic Blotter to help in the data analysis and examining various Limit (e.g. loan GAP Limit and Risk Limit) during transaction process and print Deal Slip, various form of report from the data source for management (MIS), for example: Cumulative Outflow Limit, GAP break-even analysis, cash flow budget, details about loan (Asset), deposit structure (Liability) both for short term and long term, income from various transactions for example: inter-bank loan giving, short term [securities]*** buying (REPO), also displaying graph and simulation, Sensitivity: study the effect of specified [condition/ตัวแปร ] to be used in short term and long term plan to make it more effective.


  • Borrowing, lending
  • Real time limit checking e.g. Trader Limit, Counter Party Limit
  • Reporting e.g. details of Borrowing and lending, cash flow projection, break-even point, etc.


Operation Division

Able to record details about various kind of transaction, e.g. interbank loan, buy/sell in [ซื้อคืน]** market (REPO), importing the data from various division which are related to the cash flow (both in the present and future), recording expected cash flow income, and also printing the financial contract, [securities]** buying/selling confirmation documents according to the Bank of Thailands specified form.

The program is based on Dual Control principle in recording the list affecting the transaction of Financial Management division. The program will start record the transaction only if the transaction is inscpected by both the Maker and the Authorizer.


  • Dual control between dealers and authorizers
  • Record of details of transactions
  • Confirmation notes for debentures


Control Division

Able to record details of individuals who log into the program in various time for the purpose of Audit Log. The program is designed to allow each users to log into the system with each positions password.


  • Audit Log
  • Rights to access the program and menu

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