January 2, 2024

2023: WMSL's Year in Review

As we embrace the beginning of 2024, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our clients and partners. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in our journey towards achieving success and our collective efforts to distribute professional knowledge within our society as part of our company's CSR initiative.

We THANK YOU for brightening each moment of the year for us. Looking ahead, we aspire to a year that brings greater certainty for everyone, brimming with happiness and prosperity for us all.

Attain another customer for Bonanza Digital Asset Module (Investment / Registrar)that features rebalance for digital assets, airdrop process, and interface to Digital Asset Exchange.

Bond Trading

Launched Bonanza BTS (Bond Trading System), a bond trading system for the secondary market, enabling investors to trade through a mobile application.

Wealth Magik Securities and Wealth Magik Mutual Fund Brokerage merged into 'Wealth Magik Securities Company Limited.' This simplifies user access and offers investors easier opportunities for trading debt instruments alongside mutual funds, enhancing profit potential.

WealthMagik Securities is one of the first-ever organizations recognized by the SEC for providing valuable financial knowledge to society, as part of the 'Thai Capital Market Joins Together to Send the Power of Knowledge to the People' initiative.

WealthMagik Service app added new features that enable users to add “Digital Assets” and “Deposits” in their portfolio aside from stocks, bonds, and funds.

SET in the CIty 2023

WealthMagik joins SET in the City 2023 with the primary objective of educating investors on the principles of saving and investing.

Successfully held "The WealthMagik Battle" event that can help investors find suitable Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) & Tax Saving Fund.

WealthMagik Securities joins the “Savings Project No. 5”, established by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC) in collaboration with the SEC, to enhance knowledge about investing and create savings discipline for good long-term financial health.

Online Boot Camp

Organized Online Animation Boot Camp to equip the contestants of the 8th Savings Build the Nation Awards with animation development techniques and essential knowledge to save and manage money effectively.

Helping Parents Plan for Retirement

Successfully held the awarding ceremony for the winners of the 8th Season of Savings Build the Nation Awards.

July 2024

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