Bonanza Family

A Core Set of Asset & Wealth Management Solution

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Bonanza Investment

Treasury & Asset Management

A complete portfolio management system with consistent strong support for the front, middle and back office operations. This award-winning software is diversified with sophisticated financial modules across all the major asset classes.

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Bonanza Wealth Management

Wealth Management

An integrated platform designed to support high demand of customer relationship businesses and a complex portfolio management analysis.

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Bonanza Selling Agent

Investment Services

The system provides all the functionalities of Selling Agent such as opening customer accounts, keeping customer profiles...

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Bonanza Registrar

Investment Services

Software to support the registrar operations. The system provides an organization a solution to achieve managerial portfolio management, time and cost reduction starting from front office to back office operations.

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Bonanza ALM

Risk & Compliance

Asset and Liability Management System designed to support liquidity risk management, interest rate risk management, and scenario simulations for banks and finance companies' management.

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Bonanza @Risk

Risk & Compliance

Designed as a web-based application program which enables the clients to use @Risk anywhere at anytime...

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Bonanza Insight

Big Data

Identify the important drivers of your business metrics...

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Bonanza Money Market


Designed for trading transactions of wide ranges of borrowing and lending types

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Investment Services

A FREE tool for desired individual to step into the investment advisory privileges as high net worth class.