June 12, 2015

WMSL 1st Thai Company to be Reappraised at CMMI-DEV Level 5 & CMMI-SVC Level 3

On the 15th of May 2015, Wealth Management System Limited (WMSL) has been appraised at CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 3 for Services based on the model for CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) Version 1.3. This latest achievement made WMSL the first-ever Thai IT Company to have been reappraised at CMMI-DEV Level 5 (CMMI for Development) and CMMI-SVC Level 3 simultaneously. WMSL first achieved the CMMI-DEV Level 5 appraisal on March 2, 2012, where WMSL at that time was included in the Top 50 list of companies worldwide which includes IBM, Accenture, HP, and Boeing that attained this highest maturity level. Meanwhile, CMMI for Services guide all types of service providers to establish, manage and improve services to meet business goals and maintain competitiveness as well as to provide superior service to its clients.



WMSL selected GPI (Global Process Innovations) Asia, a globally known Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) Appraisal service provider, which is represented by Mr. Stephen Fletcher as its Lead Appraiser. GPI is also the one who acted as CMM/CMMI consultants for WMSL to achieved CMMI Level 5 for Development as well as for companies like IBM, SONY, Infosys, Thomson Reuters, EDS, and DHL Worldwide.


CMMI Level 5 Appraisal

June 2024

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Wealth Management System Limited (WMSL) is a leading financial software company in Thailand. We provide reliable, trusted solutions to financial institutions in asset, treasury and risk management. With our innovative software systems and value added consulting services, we help our customers significantly improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risks.

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