The Simulation module for the Bonanza Investment system that recommends buying and selling equity instruments after comparing the current investment with the model that has been created. This simulation can create an order, and the system automatically checks the limit on the said order. The details are as follows:


  • Support to rebalance multiple portfolios by doing a simulation and creating a Portfolio Group so that every portfolio in each Portfolio Group can be rebalanced according to the Portfolio Model created.
  • Support Weight according to the Model by Rebalance Portfolio. Adjust the portfolio according to the model that has been defined or modify the model to make the system rebalance the portfolio.
  • Support Weighted by % value. You can set the desired value to increase or decrease to the desired %.
  • The system will rebalance according to the increase or decrease of the amount of money in-out from the Subscription, Redemption that occurs. You can choose whether to adjust the rebalance according to the model (for example, in the case of Index Fund, which model will be set) or according to the Current Weighted (the portion of the current portfolio investment). 
  • The system does not calculate the pile that Weight more than in the case of buying. If all funds invest in stocks, such as 5% in ABC but some funds invest 6% in ABC, it does not require the system to recommend selling out.
  • The system does not calculate the pile that Weight more than in the case of selling. If you want to adjust the portfolio to reduce ABC's shareholding to 3%, but if any portfolio has an investment proportion of 2%, it does not require the system to recommend buying more. 
  • The system does not sell more than the number of shares available. In the case of some stocks that have not reached the Tradable Date, the system must not recommend selling because it has not been registered for trading.
  • Support for determining certain stocks that are prohibited from investing (Restricted Stock). When rebalance, the system will not calculate the purchase of shares in Restricted Stock.
  • The system will notify the stocks that are not yet available for trading if the actual trading date has not yet arrived (Tradable Date).
  • Support to set Lot Size and make Odd Lot. Check from Lot Size as well and open to edit unit.
  • Support for calculating the buying or selling price of individual stocks as well as shows the total price of each portfolio buy or sell, and shows the total amount of the portfolio.
  • Support to rebalance Mixed Fund with stocks or Mixed Fund with different policies. In the case of a rebalance Mixed Fund with 60% equity, convert the equity that is equivalent to 100% to rebalance.
  • Support Import Model that may be changed by being able to import instead of the original model. 
  • Support Import Target Price. You can specify a Target Price value for monitoring to compare the current price with the Target Price.
  • Support grouping of funds by creating a Portfolio Group.
  • Support automatically adjusts Model Weight when importing the price (Index Fund).
  • Support Rebalance according to Current Weight / Model in case of money in or out.
  • Support to export data such as share price, Market Cap.
  • Support the calculation of the number of shares you want to buy more or sell. In the case of rights, the right can be allocated to obtain shares as Lot Size, the system will process the number of shares that need to be bought or sold out.
  • Support Freeze and Rebalance stocks in piles in Group Portfolio. For example, there are 10 portfolios but there is only a need to rebalance 7 portfolios, the remaining 3 portfolios do not need to be rebalanced.



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