August 3, 2020

Summary of Commands in Docker file [Docker]

Summary of commands in docker file

FROM select the base image

RUN execute command

CMD execute command, but only once in file, if more than one use last one or use as default parameter to ENTRYPOINT

LABEL adds metadata to the image

EXPOSE specifies the container to wait for requests on the specified port. Use it with -p when using docker run.

ENV assigns environment variables to images and containers

ADD copy the file into the image

COPY copy file into image different from ADD, where the source file can't be local as a remote url

ENTRYPOINT Command to run after starting the container

VOLUME assigns a mount point to the image

USER defines the user to use to run the RUN CMD ENTRYPOINT command

WORKDIR defines a working directory for RUN CMD ENTRYPOINT COPY ADD

ARG defines a variable for the BUILD episode

ONBUILD Used for running commands, but waiting for triggers to resume in case of waiting for another build

STOPSIGNAL command to stop using a system call signal

SHELL switches to a given shell



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