Bonanza Insight

Benefits to your organization

Identify the important drivers of your business metrics

Discover business rules to segment your business

Easily visualize your findings to make presentations a snap

Understand the logic behind each prediction your model makes

Data Integration

- Multiple data source
- Support flat files such as tab-delimited, comma separated value, or spreadsheets
- Support streaming data
- Integrate data from Social Media
- Job distribution
- Schedule Task

Model Evaluation & Deployment

- Support multiple input data source
- Support predictive based on learning model
- Webs service model deployment
- Support model evaluation / comparison
- Real time analytic & alert
- Monitoring & feedback model

Data Modeling

- Clustering: k-means, Hierarchical Clustering Model
- Classification: Logistic Regression, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Decision Tree
- Association Rule Discovery: Frequent item-based association (Apiori)
- Regression & Time Series: ARMA, ARIMA, GARCH
- Deep Learning: CNN, RNN

Data Preparation

- Provide descriptive statistic of data
- Cleaning & fixing invalid data by vitualization, outlier analysis
- Fixing missing values by changing null values with the mean, median or mode
- Data transformation techniques such as indicator variables, normalization
- Manipulate & reusable repository

Additional Features

- Distributed computing
- Massive Parallel Processing
- Support NoSQL
- Cloud computing

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